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Gordon Punt

Gordon Punt

Boulder, CO


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For over forty years I have been drawing the human figure and continually find it challenging. Drawing from a live model is the primary method I use. Sometimes in as little as thirty seconds I try to capture the illusive movement of dance, a gesture of emotion, or a sensual moment. I have recently been enlarging the scale of my drawings to four-foot canvases, and have been experimenting with different mediums to accomplish this.


Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA (Summer Scholarship) 1964
Art Center School, LA, CA (Three Month Scholarship) 1964
Bank Of America Achievement Award In Art 1965
Morningside High School, LA, CA (Graduated "Artist of The Year" ) 1965
El Camino Jr. College, LA, CA (Drawing and Painting) 1965
U.S. Navy (Vietnam) 1965 - 1970
McMurdo Sound, South Pole Navy Base (Photography) 1970
Santa Monica Jr. College, Santa Monica, CA (Sculpture & Drawing) 1971
San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA (Honors in Figure Drawing) 1972
De Young Museum, SF, CA (Ceramic, Nude Figure Sculpture) 1973
Mill Valley, Marin, CA (Stone Sculpture Class) 1974
Evolution Art Institute, Petaluma, CA (Stone Sculpture & Tool Making) 1975
Sonoma State Univ., Santa Rosa, CA (BA in Fine Art) 1980 - 1984
Sierra University, San Fran., CA (MFA, Carrara, Italy - Sculpture & Drawing ) 1985 - 1986

Private Studies With:

William Crow (Photography - U.S. Navy) 1970
Borgie Studios, San Francisco, CA (Photography) 1971 1972
Robert Gove , Sonoma County, CA (Stone Carving) 1978 - 1980
Victor Zaikine, Healdsburg, CA (Bronze Sculpture & Mold Making) 1978 - 1980
Piero Mussi (Bronze Casting & Mold Making), Berkeley, CA 1981 - 1982
Janos Stryke (Stone Carving), Carrara, Italy 1984 - 1985


Cassandra Nude Bathroom by Gordon Punt


Cassandra Undies Sleeping in Bed by Gordon Punt


Cassandra Nude Sleeping in Bed by Gordon Punt


Sonoma Pond CA by Gordon Punt


Modern Landscape Painting 3 by Gordon Punt


Modern Landscape Painting 4 by Gordon Punt


Abstract Landscape Painting 1 by Gordon Punt


Abstract Landscape Painting 2 by Gordon Punt


Contemporary Landscape 1of2 by Gordon Punt


Contemporary Landscape 2of2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Chicken by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Cover-Unicorn-1 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Unicorn-2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Schnauzer by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Rottweiler by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Cover-Labrador by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Doberman by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Dog-GermanShep. by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Female-Nude-6 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Nude-Male5 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Nude-Male4 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Cover-Nude-Male3 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Nude-Male2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Nude-Male1 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-FemaleNude-5 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-FemaleNude-4 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-FemaleNude-3 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-FemaleNude-1 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Lily-Painting2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Flowers-Iris2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Fuchsia1 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Flower-Daisy2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Cases-Rose-3 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Flower-Rose2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Flower-Rose1 by Gordon Punt


Smart-Phone-Case-Cat8 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Cat6 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Cat2 by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Cat-Siamese by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Chief-Joseph by Gordon Punt


iPhone-Case-Red-Cloud by Gordon Punt


Cell-Phone-Cover-Cat1 by Gordon Punt


Still My Goddess 2 by Gordon Punt


Still My Goddess 2 by Gordon Punt


Still My Goddess 2 by Gordon Punt


Red Rose Paintings 18 by Gordon Punt


Red Rose Prints 14 by Gordon Punt


Red Roses 13 by Gordon Punt